Hello. It's me.

February 11, 2016 by Vikanda

Alright, so it's been forever since our last update. Five months to be exact... We're working on it! The only thing left should be some member biographies that Foreaux needs to work on (hint hint, Fore). We're trying our best to get the site up to date as much as we can, but we also have a few new exciting things to announce!

Let's get started with FFXIV's events! Valentione's Day in Eorzea has been going on for a little over a week now and will end on the 15th, so make sure you get your adorable hats and pink furniture before the event is over! After that, Patch 3.2 will be following on the 23rd so please look forward to that!

Now for our own announcements. First order of business: thanks to Zythrone's suggestion, we've decided to switch to Discord, and most of us highly prefer this over our old Mumble server, as much as it served us well for over two years. If you'd like to join us on our new server, click here! Second: for a few years, Foreaux had been talking about filming a Veil music video showcasing the guild and each member in a little montage, but he never did go through with it! So we will be focusing our energy this year into making sure that this will happen. Go here to check it out and comment if you want to sign up, make suggestions, etc. Third: as you guys may already know, many FFXIV players have quit or taken a break from the game due to lack of content and endgame diversity. Veil was definitely not immune to that as we lost a lot of our own members. Three of our statics disbanded, leaving only one up and running. Because of that, we've decided to increase our activity by hosting weekly events–you can check them out on the left hand side.

Speaking of events... Besides the weekly ones, we are bringing back yearly social events. If you've been in Veil since the Mabinogi days, you are probably familiar with these! The first one that is happening this year is Veil's Valentine's event, hosted by me, Shref, and Hurk. It is called Smooch 'n' Cooch (named by Hurk, not Shref, definitely not me). It is scheduled for February 21st at 5:30pm PST. We worked hard on this, so I hope you guys will have fun!

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