Talkin' 'Bout Chests

September 7, 2015 by Artlis

Wassup Veilites, just a few quick announcements. First off, as you probably haven't noticed, we have restricted the use of the company chest a bit in order to facilitate the building of the company airship. As it is now, boxes one and two will behave as normal, but box three will be deposit-only (except for Officers and Engineers) and strictly for airship materials. Be sure to consult with Engineer Burning Passion for information about needed materials and also needed crafting classes.

Additionally, the council is currently in session to come up with a new guild uniform. Any ideas and suggestions from our Knights would be greatly appreciated and would help us come up with the best possible outfit for the company. Just keep in mind the color scheme of red and white.

That's pretty much all of the happenins around here (I would tell you to go do the rising event because it's super cool, but as I'm writing this, the event just ended, so hopefully you did). Stay chill, guildies.

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