Bound for the Heavens

June 1, 2015 by Nalli

Hiyo! Officer Nalli here. It's June 1st in lovely Eorzea, and you know what that means? For you guildies that have pre-ordered Heavensward, there are only 18 days left (22 if you didn't get early access)! We get new jobs, the Auri, and flying mounts in this brand new land! And better yet – more story! No spoilers here, but after the 2.55 patch, we need to more and they are delivering. Remember, you need to have completed Steps of Faith and the Main Story Quests in order to gain access to the theocratic and untrusting Ishgard. If you haven't finished Steps and are having trouble, don't hesitate in asking guild members for help!

In preperation for Heavensward, Veil is holding a raffle to raise gil for our very own FC airship and whatever awesome stuff that comes with it. Raffle tickets are going for 5k gil per ticket. Mogmail Vikanda Glynae your gil for your ticket(s) and she will give you your numbers! First place will recieve an HQ Van of the Vortex (iLevel 95 version of the BLM Garuda Weapon)! Second and third place prizes will be given prizes as well! Anyone can enter. Outside member of the FC? They too can participate! Spread the word to your friends, and let's all go into Heavensward with a large bang!

"(insert Turkey sounds here)." - Kura Tenshi

Without further ado, we have two events coming up this month!

Rudimentary Roleplay with Kura is an informational event into the world of roleplaying on Final Fantasy XIV. It will be taking place on Sunday, June 7 all day. That's right, you heard right: ALL DAY! Topics that will be covered include: learning what roleplaying is, the DOs and DON'Ts of RP, how to be a courteous RPer, and much more! Those participating in the event will meet up in Kura's Kinky Kastle on Mumble. (Don't have the information for Mumble? Just go to our ABOUT page!)

Social Saturday will be having an event hosted by Foreaux this Saturday, June 6 from 4 PM to 7 PM PST. What you'll be doing, no one knows! All he asks is that people show up at Veil's FC house in the Lavender Beds, 1st Ward, Plot 18!

This month is going to be a big one. So, by the Twelve, let's hope our guardians will keep us safe!

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