The council is the governing body of Veil. It is comprised of Officers and a Leader who represents the council and the guild. Any major decision involving the guild, whether it be political, social, or economic, is made by the council. The council needs at least three council members' votes in order to act upon something. However, if more than three members (council or non-council) oppose the decision, it will be canceled. The council members are made up of people who have either founded Veil or have been in Veil long enough to assist in its growth. Not only do council members have to act as peacekeepers for the guild, they also have to participate in general business matters, reviewing applications, leading interviews, hosting events, maintaining a consistent presence, and most importantly, making connections with everyone else. These are people who have sacrificed their time and energy in order to make a once shared dream into a reality.


The committee is made up of various ranks, all of which serve and assist the guild. Depending on the rank, committee members are granted more permissions in certain areas than regular Knights. Unlike the council, the committee does not participate in government-related decision-making. A committee rank is job-specific. This means that if a committee member steps down from his job, is unable to perform his job, or becomes inactive, he cannot retain his committee rank.

Marshal: A Marshal is either (1) a raid leader of a static group or (2) a host of a regularly occurring guild event. He is granted permission to buy, activate, deactivate FC buffs and use the aetherial wheel. He is able lead parties into airship exploratory missions. He is also able to make announcements on the company board.

Vice Marshal: Each Marshal may appoint one Vice Marshal to assist him with his duties with his raid or event. A Vice Marshal is granted the same permissions as a Marshal, and because of this, both ranks appear as 'Marshal' in the game roster.

Engineer: An Engineer is a crafting specialist assigned to take care of the airship and the workshop. He is given permission to perform most actions inside the workshop. In addition, he is given full access to the company chest's third box, which is where more expensive materials are stored. He is also able to use the aetherial wheel.

Rancher: A Rancher is a gathering specialist assigned to take care of the company garden. He is given permission to perform any action on the garden. In addition, he is given full access to the company chest's second box, which is where seeds, soils, and expensive produce are stored.


Making up three-quarters of the guild, Knights are the beloved members of Veil that have passed the Squirehood period. Being a full-fledged member has it perks: access to the guild stash's first box, a Veil uniform, a website member page, a personal Discord voice channel. Being a Knight, more importantly, allows each member to be recognized as their own person as they become a vital part of Veil.

Hedge Knights

Hedge Knights are members who have become inactive. Even if members are removed from the game roster due to inactivity, they remain on the website member page as a Hedge Knight. If a Hedge Knight comes back to the game, they can immediately rejoin as a Knight.


Squires are essentially in the guild as a guest. They don't have access to everything but are free to ask for help, hang out, and participate in events. With more activity, interaction, and mutual trust, Squires will eventually gain formal acceptance as a Knight. The length of this process depends on how likely Squires are to open up to the guild and how willing they are to meet more of the members.