Veil is intended to be a closely bonded family in which all members feel comfortable around each other. We all have our opinions, but please practice common courtesy and refrain from offending others. We would prefer to be as drama-free as possible. Keep all controversial topics, arguments, gossip outside the guild chat! If you have an issue, sort it out privately or take it to the council.


Communicate, because we'd like to get to know you! Veil is a group that has expanded to real life ties. We like to spend time with each other, whether it be running a dungeon, exploring, or even just joking around on Mumble. We make announcements before activities, so participating in guild events once in a while is a huge plus.


If you need help with something, there's no harm in asking. Likewise, if someone else needs help and you know you can offer it, please do! That being said, do not ever expect carries or 24/7 availability for assistance. Helping other people is something we like to do, but it is not our job. We are more likely to help people who have worked hard, so learn how to help yourself too.


Be genuinely interested in the guild. We get attached to our members, and we don't like to see them go. Gaining a strong impression on the guild requires hard work and devotion to the guild in the first place. If you show signs of being a guild hopper, we will be skeptical about letting you stay.


We prefer an exclusive, small guild over a big one. However, this does not mean we are elitist. We do not require any level of skill, nor do we only recruit people who have something to offer us. Our main criteria is compatibility. If you refer someone to Veil, please understand that the applicant goes through the screening process regardless of their connection to you.


We like our small size to be properly represented by our active members. Squires are removed from our game roster after 60 days of no activity. Knights are removed from the game roster after 90 days of no activity but not from the website. Instead, they will be on the member page as a Hedge Knight to display that they are simply inactive. If a removed member comes back to the game, they can immediately rejoin with their rank intact.